DIY Gift Ideas! 10 DIY Christmas Gifts & Birthday Gifts for Best Friends

DIY Gift Ideas! 10 DIY Christmas Gifts & Birthday Gifts for Best Friends

DIY Gifts! In this DIY gift ideas I show 10 DIY Christmas gifts, birthday gifts or gifts for any other occasion. DIY Christmas gifts for best friends, boyfriend, girlfriend and family are always better than store bought presents. DIY gifts are much more unique. The 10 DIY gift ideas are perfect for Christmas presents and birthday presents or you can make them for yourself. These 10 awesome DIY projects include DIY clothes, DIY room decor, DIY treats and more… A perfect holiday gift guide!

Take some time this year and make DIY Christmas gifts for best friends and family! The DIY gifts Ideas are perfect for best friends, girlfriend, boyfriend, mother, father, grandpa, grandma – you can really find something for everyone in this holiday gift guide. All 10 gift ideas are easy to make, perfect for beginners in crafts.

DIY gifts in a box are always adorable, if they are thematic – even better! I show you how to simply make a DIY ice cream sundae in a box. This is a perfect DIY gift idea for best friends, family or anyone that loves deserts. You can give it as a Christmas gift or a birthday gifts because we love ice cream all year around!

You can make a DIY sweater as a Christmas gift, birthday present for your best friends and family or for yourself. This DIY fashion piece is so easy and quick to make but turns out adorable – which to me is the most important when making DIY projects. This gift is also very affordable, since you can get a plain sweater for very cheap. If you are making the DIY project for yourself feel free to use your old sweater and give it a new life. DIY projects that include recycling clothes are always so much fun!

One of my favorite DIY gifts is a picture frame. Buy a cheap picture frame and decorate it yourself. You can color the frame and stick flowers or other decorations on it. Great DIY Christmas gift or a birthday present all year around. This is a pretty DIY room décor that you can make for yourself too.

Ear hats are a huge trend and can be such a cute Christmas gift! I show how you can make them yourself for very cheap. This is one of the cutest DIY projects I have ever tried. You guys know how I love DIY clothes projects. If I happen to give my hat away as a present, I will definitely recycle one of my old hats and make one for myself.

As cute little DIY inexpensive gifts you can make bonbons full of yummy candy. Using a paper roll and some wrapping paper you can package candy into adorable bonbons. Such a pretty gift idea for anyone you love. You can also use these as stocking fillers!

You don’t have to be a cooking expert to make delicious chocolate bonbons. All you need for this adorable gift idea is some chocolate, molds and sprinkles. You can also make healthy chocolates by topping them with dried fruits or chopped nuts. This gift idea is perfect for Christmas, birthdays, Valentine’s day or any kind of day when you want to surprise loved ones.

Beauty DIY gift ideas are perfect DIY presents for beauty enthusiasts! I show you how to make a moisturizing DIY scrub. I added some peppermint extract so this one really smells like Christmas. The main ingredients you need are coconut oil and sugar. I love using this DIY scrub myself. Especially in the winter when my skin gets dry this DIY scrub removes dead skin cells and moisturizes like a dream!

Room decorations are great as DIY gift ideas for any age. I show how to make easy DIY clay bowls, which can be used as decorating and organizing pieces. You can use them to store jewelry, keys, pins or other small bits and pieces. These DIY presents are also so much fun to make!

DIY mugs can be an awesome gift for Christmas, birthday, or any other occasion. You can be so creative with designs – write on some funny or inspiring quotes, draw pictures and just have fun creating these awesome DIY gifts.

My favorite of all these DIY gift ideas are probably DIY gloves. What I love the most is that you don’t have to know how to knit to make these awesome DIY mittens. All you need is yarn, bobby pins and an ice cream cup. These are such a thoughtful, unique and special DIY gift. Another awesome DIY fashion project. DIY gloves are perfect for girls, boys, father and mom. I promise that this diy will melt heart of anyone!

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$2 Gift Idea | Surprise Exploding Box | Sunny DIY

$2 Gift Idea | Surprise Exploding Box | Sunny DIY

Today, I’m making something really cool. It may look like a box from the outside, but once you open it up, everything inside just jumps open. Whoever you give it will hopefully be very surprised. I know I would be.

XoXo Sunny

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DIY Personalised Gift Ideas for Birthday, Valentine’s day or Mothers day

DIY Personalised Gift Ideas for Birthday, Valentine’s day or Mothers day

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Since my birthday and valentines day was coming up I decided to show you guys few DIY gift ideas that are easy and fun to make.
So in this video I am showing you how to make a Memory Box, Rubik’s cube with pictures and a personalised pillow cover. I really hope you guys like this video.

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Easy Last Minute DIY Mother’s Day Gifts 2016! Quick & Cute Gift ideas for your mom!

Easy Last Minute DIY Mother’s Day Gifts 2016! Quick & Cute Gift ideas for your mom!

Check out THIS YEARS DIY Mother’s Day Gifts 2017: ♡
hiii guys! today’s video is all about DIY Mother’s Day gifts and diy gift ideas for your mom! I show you how to make 4 DIY Mothers Day gift ideas and gifts for 2016 that are perfect for your mom for mother’s day! Here are some EASY Last Minute diy mother’s day gifts and gift ideas 2016 that are tumblr and pinterest inspired!! These DIY mothers day Gifts are great for mother’s day 2016 and I hope you enjoy this DIY Mother’s Day video! So mothers day 2016 is just a few days away so here are some quick, cute, cheap, easy last minute gifts just in time for diy mother’s day gifts, diy gifts, diy presents, and diy mothers day gifts your mom will LOVE! Pretty sure all mothers and moms will love these do it yourself craft gifts and gift ideas! All of these diys will make an awesome present for moms!
XOXO Stephanie Carina

DIY Gifts for Parents!
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Last minute! 5 Mothers Day Gift Ideas

Last minute! 5 Mothers Day Gift Ideas


Sorry this is so late! I had so much troubles trying to upload. But hopefully you can still use these ideas for any gifts you give to your mother 🙂

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42 Gift Ideas For Everyone You Know!

42 Gift Ideas For Everyone You Know!

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Hey guys! Today’s video is going to be 42 Gift Ideas For Everyone You Know! I found tons of cool gift ideas for everyone in your life. There are gift ideas for friends, girlfriends, boyfriends, family, and much more in the this video!! I have a DIY Gift Ideas video coming up very soon so if you would rather make a DIY gift don’t worry because it’s on the way! These gift ideas are all pretty inexpensive and would make great gifts. Christmas gift ideas can sometimes be hard to come up with so hopefully this video was helpful! Love you!!

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Girls Love When You Give Them Gifts Just To Say You Love Them

The Insider Secret on Gifts Just to Say You Love Them Revealed

gifts just to say you love them

Why Almost Everything You have Learned About Gifts Just to Say You Love Them Is Wrong

Be certain you gift wrap the book well and compose a message to Be it even more personal. Locating gifts for godchildren is hard. In summary, novelty gifts are sometimes a fabulous alternative if you want to provide a more great present. Before you say anything, we will provide this donation a spin too. You are going to be purchasing an anniversary present for your boyfriend, so you need to find something which is somewhat different and unique to celebrate. Even when you are interested in finding great girlfriend gifts on a budget, it sits have many choices.

You can most likely locate a basket that is intended to fit her interests. Also, there are some terrific golf baskets. There are many varieties and strategies to go with gift baskets; you are certain to find one that she is going to love. Birthday present baskets make the perfect present for the women in your everyday living.

Whichever you decide, this is a fantastic method to provide a present. If you choose to acquire her a present of jewelry ensure that you receive something she will like! Electronic gifts are excellent for busy women that are juggling lots of activities. Take jewelry, for instance, don’t just search for cheap and fast, choose the ideal gift and personalize it by having it engraved. It is tough to locate the ideal gift for a person that you love the most, only because you would like it to be just perfect.

In regards to purchasing gifts for ladies, you cannot fail with jewelry, no matter who it is. A costly present does not have to be necessarily a great gift for your girlfriend. To begin with, you need to always stick to a unique gift. An utterly romantic day gift must be a visit to the romantic middle of the universe, Paris, for lunch. Thus, you have opted to choose from the large variety of personalized Valentine’s Day gifts.

Gifts Just to Say You Love Them Secrets

Folks who travel the planet, or anywhere new, like to speak about it to anybody who shows interest. The presents have to be thoughtful and smart at an identical time. There are a large variety of things you should consider as you attempt to choose the ideal gifts for the ladies you adore. If there’s a unique event coming up for somebody you care about, or you only want to buy them a special gift, then always think about the advantages of purchasing a watch.

Gifts Just to Say You Love Them – What Is It?

Men are famous for waiting until the evening in front of an important holiday or event to work out a present for her. Men could well be horribly analytical on relationships, and a lot of them read the finer details. No guy is oblivious to how women love jewelry. Every woman utilizes some cosmetics, and while we agree that mothers may not use too many or too much, there are a couple of basic ones that could result in an excellent gift idea. When seeking to have birthday gift suggestions for women you should first consider the woman you are purchasing for. For instance, say you own mom who’s into cats. My very best friend is not a great receiver.

Locating a present for her existing interests is not as simple as getting her something from this past year. You can imagine something creative. You may arrange it in a unique way that you want. Just be certain you get her something which she can utilize. After all, merely observing them can cause some errors.

Some are much better than others, but the truth is that if you spend a little money on an excellent make and model, there’s a decent chance it will endure for many years with the correct care and attention. Books are, without a doubt, among the best gifts. It is not surprising why they say that it is so quite simple please mother dearest. Decide what is going to make them happy. Little things such as this are deemed sentimental. Besides those mentioned above, there are a few others gift tips that you can utilize.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Gifts Just to Say You Love Them

Should you be comfortable with your parents and household members, only then you ought to try it! Over time, children have developed. It is not always simply for families to get together or have a trip outside the country.

With each of the pressure to locate an ideal gift, many people just do not understand what is going to make the optimal/optimally impression. It is always critical to look closely at the women in your lifestyle and note the things they love. You have almost all you need right this moment to opt for an unusual present, so take it simple! So finally, everybody is happy. Each year lots of folks spend time considering choose the best gifts for dad. One per day, which lasts the full year will undoubtedly bring lots of fun to your relationship. It can on occasion be tough to understand what to get a loved one when this holiday comes around.


Using Customized Gifts When You Can’t Find Your Words

images (3)Not everyone can say that they are sorry or that they love someone. No matter how real the feeling is, sometimes the words are stuck in their throat and they can’t come out, no matter how hard they would try.

When this happens, the best thing to do is to choose a customized gift, something that contains the words on it, so that it can be easier for you to express your feelings. Men usually use these gifts, but women are also using them for their friends, their lovers, family members and so on.

Let’s see some things about the customized gifts that you can use.

What You Can Express

Many people think about love when they hear about these gifts, and it is true – many customized gifts will contain the message “I love you” on them. However, this is not all that there can be expressed – you can also show regret  – sorry for something, respect, appreciation, care, friendship and so on. Usually, people choose those beautiful feelings that they can’t express properly and they need a customized gift to be able to deliver the message clearly.

What Items You Can Choose

The couples can choose to make special inscriptions on small items, like key holders – they get the names and the date of their marriage, or a small romantic message that they share. However, there are also other types of items that can be customized – everyone knows about t-shirts that can be imprinted with different messages, but you also have the coffee cups, where you can place a photo or a personal message, a calendar that can contain pictures, a tie, a mouse-pad, a mosaic painting and so on.

The options are so wide that it can be a hard time indeed to make the right choice. However, this can also be based on what the other person likes – the one who receives the gift should have an affinity for that item.

How to Do It

First of all, you’re going to have to find a specialized company in customized gifts. There are plenty of offers on the market, but look for a company who offers professional services in this area. The internet has a wide database about this, and with just a simple online search you will find at least a dozen of similar companies offering customized gifts.

The next thing is to decide about the item that you want to use – there are also plenty of options images (6)and look through all the websites to see what items they can deliver. Make the choice as we said – the person who you give it to should have an affinity for that item ( someone who reads books will love a book-sign or a customized book cover, while those who love coffee will appreciate a coffee cup).


Many websites offer you the possibility to pay online and have the item delivered directly at the address that you want, or you could pay the item when you receive it and deliver it personally. The choice will be yours, but for a better effect is great if you could give the gift personally. It’s something intimate to make such a gift and it shouldn’t be made by a courier when you choose to say “I love you” or “forgive me”.