New Baby Must-Haves & Baby Registry Tips

New Baby Must-Haves & Baby Registry Tips

Before Miles was born we spent hours researching the best baby gear, talking to other moms and getting advice from everyone we could. Here’s our ultimate round up of our favorite gear we got and some tips on things we would have done differently. Most are listed on our Amazon Baby Gear shopping list for easy shopping! Feel free to leave comments with some of your favorite items below.


This was the hardest category for me to figure out, and the one I get the most questions about. The truth is there is no perfect solution, you need different strollers for different things, so just pick what’s most important for your lifestyle. I live Metro Detroit with a garage and walking distance to parks and town, so keep that in mind for my reviews.

Convertible Stroller: I love our UPPAbaby Vista Stroller ($929). Fan favorite, perfect for walks into town, strolls through the mall and adventures just about anywhere. Pros: Has a lot of storage, works with infant car seats and can turn into double stroller. Cons: expensive and every single mom has one…but it’s because it’s so great.

Infant Car Seat: I went with the Nuna Pipa Infant Car Seat ($399). The only reason I got this was because the Uppababy car seat was on backorder. No matter how easy they say it will be, it’s always a pain using adapters. I wish I had stuck with Uppababy brand for infant seat.

Car Seat/Stroller Combo:The DOONA Infant Car Seat/Stroller ($499) was recommended to me by so many moms and at first, I didn’t listen. I caved a few months in after I realized how amazing this thing truly was. It’s a car seat that has wheels that pop out and turns it into a little stroller. While not the most glamorous stroller, it’s beyond practical for traveling, quick trips anywhere and the perfect height for leaving baby in stroller while dining out. Cons: Tiny, no storage and you can’t put onto your larger stroller system.

– Lightweight/Travel Stroller: BabyZen Yoyo ($499) I didn’t use this until Miles was 6 months or so and now it’s my go-to that I keep in my car and travel with. It’s light and compact but still feels sturdy enough for anywhere we go. It’s very popular in big cities because it’s easy and compact when folded. It also fits in overhead compartment of airplane.


Dock-a-Tot: This is the best for naps and transitioning to the crib. I love that they have all these fun new patterns now. I have my eye on the marble one.

Rock N Play: Miles slept and napped in this for the first three months. It was a godsend because it’s titled so they like sleeping better than flat. However, there’s been some new reports out lately that it may not be safe for sleep, so please look into before using.

SNOO: While the SNOO ($1,295) is a splurge, people swear by it to get baby sleeping at the beginning. It’s created by Dr Harvey Karp (who wrote the book I recommended above.) We’re trying this instead of the Rock N Play for baby #2.

Swing/Mamaroo: We had both and Miles didn’t love either, but it all depends on your baby. Some people swear by them.

Puj Tub: We used this in the sink for his first baths. It was adorable and it folds up and stores easily after they grow out of it.

Baby Monitor:  We got the Project Nursery one and have had a lot of issues, we now use the Nest Cam systems. We’ve heard great things about the Nanit ($230).

Highchair: We love our 4Moms ($289) one. But if you are looking to splurge, the Bloom Chair ($748) is gorgeous and doubles as an infant seat.


Play Mat: I went with one of the shmancy, neutral toned play mats from Little Nomad and I’m so happy I did. It let us turn half our living room into a play area without really feeling like it.  In addition to Little Nomad, there’s now a less expensive but still stylish line on Amazon now, Yay! Mats.

Play Gym/Tummy Time Mat: There are so many great ones of these. I had an adorable neutral tone one from Pottery Barn and a more colorful one from Buy Buy Baby. This one from Loveevery ($140) is a new favorite among moms. We also love the Mary Meyer BestEver Baby Mat ($50) for tummy time.

Wubbanubs: Yup, these pacifiers with a stuffed animal on them are as necessary as everyone says they are.

Stuffed Animals: JellyCat stuffed animals are the absolutely best — extra soft and cuddly and come in adorable styles like unicorns, avocados, peacocks etc. They also have animal + books sets ($35) that match many of their stuffed animals, which make it they perfect gift.

Books: Everyone has their favorites, Miles’ was the Pout Pout Fish ($8). It’s the cutest and I loved reading it to him. The truth is, no matter what you think, you can never have too many books — so stock up.

Pack N Play: We got the Graco Pack N Play with bassinet and changing pad and left on our main floor so we could change him easily on both floors. If I did it again, I’d get a more portable one that we could easily bring on trips etc. This one from 4Moms ($299) is a favorite among moms.


Shoes: Okay so they won’t exactly need them to walk, but little newborn shoes are just the cutest. Freshly Picked moccasins are one of our favorite gifts to give and the Baby Converse are pretty adorable too.

Bows + Headbands: There are a ton of adorable bows out there, but we always gift Baby Bling Bows ($12). They stay on and look adorable with hair or no hair and come in fun colors and styles.

Sleepers: Of course get a few special outfits, but the first few months your baby will be sleeping a majority of the day so you’ll mainly need some comfy sleepers. I’ll do a whole separate post on baby clothes, but in general go for soft fabric that are easy to take on and off. We lived in the zipper sleepers most days.

Favorite brands: Kickee Pants, Kissy Kissy, Egg Baby, Milk Barn, Burts Bees, L’oved Baby, Carters

– Sleeping Gowns: I didn’t get the whole gown thing at first, but when baby is walking up and needs to be changed multiple times in the middle of the night — not having to worry about buttons and getting their legs in and out of a sleeper is a god send. I loved these from L’oved Baby ($20).

Swaddles: Sure get a few pretty swaddle blankets, but make it easy on yourself and stock up on the velcro ones in the beginning.  They have a great selection at Target and here.

Bib Bandanas: Spitting up is just the norm for the first stage of life, so arm yourself with some cute bib bandanas that keep them dry while also accessorizing their outfits. Miles worn ones from Copper Pearl all the time.

Organizers: You’ll thank me later. These are the cheapest and perfect size IKEA organizers ($29) for baby clothes. And you can order through Amazon if heading to Ikea isn’t in the cards. We use them in every drawer, under the sink, in our linen closet — everywhere.


–  Noise Machines: We have two of these Soundbub Noise Machines ($49), we keep one on our stroller and take one with us everywhere we travel. We have also have the Baby Shusher ($35) and be sure to download the Baby Shusher app when you’re in a pinch.

–  Books: The Happiest Baby on The Block Book ($13) is a life savor, and the methods really work. There’s also a video online you can watch if you’re strapped for time. The 12 Hours Sleep by 12 Weeks Old($12)book was my bible starting around 5 months, we waited a bit longer than some to sleep train but when we did it totally worked and Miles has been a great sleeper ever since.

Amazon Echos: We now pretty much have one in every room. Amazing to time while nursing, play music and lullabies. I liked the Echo Show ($299) for the nursery because you could see the timer, but the regular ones are great for everywhere else.

Apple Watch: I used mine all the time to track nursing, naps, etc. Easier than keeping track of your phone with a newborn on your arm.

Hooded Towels: You will probably get a ton of these as gifts, but they are adorable and practical for those first few baths. The Little Giraffe brand is my favorite for these and Pottery Barn has great ones as well.


Boppy: I have three Boppys ($35), one for each level of our house and used them constantly at the beginning. You use them while nursing, while baby naps on your lap or to prop baby up when they are laying down. I ordered some cute covers on Etsy that matched Miles’ nursery theme.

Bottles: I used Medela bottles while breastfeeding (they worked fine and were easiest) and then used Dr. Browns when we started formula around 6 months.

Milk Snob: What’s great about the Milk Snob ($36) covers is that they work to keep light out of your carrier and also can be used to cover up while nursing.

Pumps: Your insurance typically covers some style of pumps, but if you are going to be nursing and pumping for a long time or pumping at work I’d recommend getting a rechargeable pump so you can be free to move around while pumping, instead of being stuck to an outlet. I used the Medela Freestyle ($299), people also love the Spectra ($300).


Diapers: We use Pampers brand. While the Honest company ones are adorable, they don’t work as well.

Babyganics: We love Babyganics brand for wipes, hand sanitizer, detergency, dish soap and shampoo/body wash. I was overwhelmed by all the organic options out there now, but have pretty much found they are always a safe bet and I just have a constant supply ordered on Amazon.


Feeding stuff: They don’t eat real food for over 6 months, so I just waited until that time to stock up gear. My go-to brand for feeding gear is OXO. Lot of favs linked on the Amazon list. I’ll save for another post.

Clothes: I didn’t stock up on clothes for the whole first year. I focused on his first few months and took it from there. You’ll get lots of gifts and hand me downs as well.

We’d love to hear about the things you love and used the most in those early baby days!

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How to: DIY Personalized Mug | EASY CHEAP GIFT | Step by Step Tutorial

Homemade Makeup Remover Recipe


This DIY project makes a PERFECT Christmas gift. And it’s so cheap! The most expensive item to make these mugs are the sharpie markers. So that’s pretty cool! The decal paper is $2-3 for 3 sheets. You can find this at most craft stores. I bought mine at Craft 2000. So make sure you run test prints before you print on them. There are so many designs you can do for the sharpie mugs, and if you google “diy sharpie mug” you can find a TON of photos to inspire your creativity!

I used the FREE program called GIMP to make my photo collage mug. You can download it here:

I hope you had fun with this DIY project! If you make one, please share your creations with me on twitter, instagram, vine, or facebook!

I did not realize while making this video that Mod Podge and the sharpies will wash off… even after baking the sharpie mug. So I’ve done some research and found that Enamel paint (particularly the Folk Art brand) is the best way to do DIY mug decorating. I’d assume that if you can get a clear enamel paint, you can layer that on top of the decal that it will work well to seal it in. You still would need to bake it about 30 minutes (at 350 degrees).

• • • P O P U L A R V I D E O S & P O S T S • • •

▸ EASY & CHEAP DIY Diva Ring Light | Step by Step Tutorial

▸ DIY Eyeshadow Shields | Quick Tip

▸ Shrink Your Forehead in Seconds! | Beauty Tip

▸ 15 Minutes to a Clean Living Room

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50 CHRISTMAS GIFT IDEAS FOR HER! Mom, sister, girlfriend, grandma, teacher, etc.

Today I show you guys 50 THOUGHTFUL ideas to get your mom, sister, grandma, girlfriend, etc. for the holidays! Thank you to Hollister for sponsoring today’s video!
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Custom Wedding Welcome Bags for Texas Fall Wedding

Custom Wedding Welcome Bags for Texas Fall Wedding

Oct 2 2018

Custom Wedding Welcome Bags for Texas Fall Wedding

I loved designing these custom wedding welcome bags for Hillary and Tanner. They had an October Boho-Vibe Fall wedding in Texas. They needed 100 bags, so it was quite the labor of love! We loved finding the perfect floral washi tape, fonts and design to compliment their wedding. We included His + Her Picks, Custom Labeled Water Bottles and of course, a Hangover Kit.

Feel free to reach out if interested in having us design your custom wedding bags.


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01:49 How to wrap a round gift
05:08 Keep the eggshells
11:13 Cool idea from a plastic bag
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Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2017 – Gift Ideas for Mom Under $25

Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2017 – Gift Ideas for Mom Under $25

All these gift ideas for her can be easily bought online and for UNDER $25 each! The ideas in this mother’s day gift guide are so unique and thoughtful! It’s hard to choose just one gift idea from the list. It’s really more than a mother’s day gift guide, all the ideas would be perfect gift ideas for her on any occasion! Christmas gift ideas, birthday gift ideas, anniversary gift ideas, this list is amazing!

See the blog post to go along with this video here:

Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2017 – Gifts for Her Under $25 That Will Make You The New Favorite!

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Metal Stamping Kit for $25:

Online Art Class for $20

5 Minute Journal for $8

Famous Swig Sugar Cookie Mix for $12

Circle Beach Towel for $13

Ipsy Subscription Box for $10 a month

Heidi Swapp Time Capsule for $16

Once A Month Meals for $16 a month

Crockpot Lunch for $16

Embossed Rolling Pin for $21

Book of Mormon Study Guide for $14

Bible Study Guide for $13



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9 DIY Mother’s Day Gift Ideas – HGTV Handmade

9 DIY Mother’s Day Gift Ideas – HGTV Handmade

It’s almost Mother’s Day, and these 9 DIY gift ideas will make any mom happy!
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Haul: Personalized Holiday Gift Ideas

Haul: Personalized Holiday Gift Ideas

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Thanks so much for watching!
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Miles’ Camp Themed 1st Birthday Party

Miles’ Camp Themed 1st Birthday Party

Oh did I have a blast planning Miles’ first birthday party! I decided on a Camp Theme, “Camp Miles” and we held it at our home, which I felt would make it special and intimate and allow me lots of creative freedom.

I went with a color scheme of greens, pops of gold, and black and white plaid to give off a campy vibe. I incorporated greenery, vines and wood signs into every nook and craney of our home.  I loved added DIY touches everywhere I could. I wanted each kid to feel special and the party to be totally unique to Miles.

We had Music Man Dave come to play camp songs, the “The Meanie Weanie“ Hot Dog Truck was dishing out amazing gourmet hot dogs (the mac & cheese was a huge hit!) and we had Suzy from Lumi Photography there to help us capture all of the special moments.

1st Birthday Camp Sign

Camp Birthday Party Wood Sign

Woodland Backyard Birthday Party

Camp Themed Birthday Party Centerpiece

Camp Themed Party Dessert Table

Camp Themed Birthday Dessert Table

1st Birthday Party Marshmallow Smash Cake

Camp Themed Birthday Cookies

Green Highchair Banner Cake Smash

DIY Camp Themed Favors

DIY Camp Themed Favors

Miles Parker Schey Camp Birthday

Miles Parker Schey Camp Birthday

Camp Party Banner

Camp Party Decor

Camp Party Trail Mix Bar

Adult Bug Juice Camp Party

Camp Themed Bar

Camp Themed Buffet

Arts and Crafts Station Camp Party

Kids Snacks Camp Party

Miles Parker Schey Birthday Party    Camp Theme Party Backdrop

Camp Themed Cake Smash Marshmallow

Camp Themed Cake Smash Marshmallow

We DIY-ed a majority of the creative elements and then found some great Etsy shops for the rest. For things like linens and tableware, we found great deals on Amazon.

Banners: Camp Miles sweet table banner, camp miles fireplace banner and highchair banner from HouseofHooray on Etsy

Balloons: green balloon bouquet from Party Dialect, and I added in gold orbs from OhShinyPaperCo and the 36 inch green balloons were from BlushBazarre. I added on the green garland.

Sweet Table: marshmallow smash cake and cookies from Love and Buttercream, s’more and nutella donuts from Donut Bar Detroit and mini teepee from TenesseeTeeppes 

Tableware: Bear plates and napkins by Meri Meri, bark cups from SteshaParty, woodland bear sippy cups from Amazon, palm leaf plates and silverware from Amazon, black + white plaid napkins from Zazzle, birch straws from Amazon

Arts and Crafts table – wood rounds from Michaels, stickers from target, signs DIY-ed

Favors – DIYed using mini gable boxes filled with gummy worms, camp patches, s’more trail mix and camp themed bubble wands 

Trail Mix Bar – Happy Camper Bags from HHPaperCo, plastic bins from Oriental Trading, teepee from TenesseeTeeppes, sign was DIY-ed

Greenery: Used everywhere, hung on garage, on balloons, on staircase, around signs. All from Amazon

Huge Brown Bears: Amazon

Teepee in Basement: faux felt firepit from TheHomespunMarket 

Linens: Black + White Plaid tablecloths from Amazon

Pennant Flags: DIY-ed

Wood Slice Signs: DIY-ed

Cake Stand: DIY-ed

Happy Camper Sign: DIY-ed

Favors: Name Pennants, s’more trail mix, labels DIY-ed

Arts & Crafts and Favors Hanging Banners: DIY-ed

Wood Photo Hanging: DIY-ed

Water Bottle Labels: DIY-ed

Adult Bug Juice sign: DIY-ed

Mason Jar Centerpieces: DIY-ed

Outhouse Sign: DIY-ed

Hot Dog Cart Outside Sign: DIY-ed

Again, thanks to Lumi Photography for all these shots. Feel free to reach out if you want more info on how we DIY-ed everything.

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